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With the ICF-SW1000T you can witness world events while they're happening, or record them for posterity with the built-in stereo cassette recorder. Afraid of missing a favorite program? The timer function lets you record direct from radio to cassette at a preset time. The ICF-SW1000T even has a built-in clock with alarm function to wake you up by your favorite station. 
Enjoy smooth stereo sound from around the world! The synchronous detection circuitry ensures the clearest reception. Three memory pages give quick access to those stations you have saved and 10-key Direct Access(TM) tuning lets you easily capture even the most distant stations. LW/MW/SW/FM Stereo Reception over a wide range of frequencies. SSB (single side band) for reception of SSB broadcasts. SSB can also help reception of weak signals. PLL Quartz Digital Synthesized Tuner provides optimum stability and reduces station drift. 

  • 3 Page Random Memory preset tuning to save your favorite stations.
  • 1 KHZ Step Tuning to lock in on precise station reception.
  • Stereo Cassette Recorder (play/record) with auto reverse and tape select to record directly from the radio or play your own cassettes.
  • Timer Record Function to record directly from the radio at a preset time.
  • Built-in Clock with alarm function, dual stand by and sleep timer.
  • Dimensions (WHD): 7 " x 4 1/8 " x 1 5/8"

 Imagine the thrill of actually hearing the winning goal, the fans cheering and the final score. The ICF-SW77 will make you think that you re on the field! And, to make sure you never miss that important match, there's a 5 event programmable timer to remind you of a favorite program or to allow unattended recording. Keep track of your most frequently listened to programs with up to 162 memorized frequencies. In fact, many popular stations are preset into memory right at the factory for your ultimate convenience, and Station Name Tuning allows convenient direct tuning by the name of the broadcaster. AM (LW/MW/SW) FM Stereo Reception over a wide range of frequencies. PLL Quartz Frequency Synthesis Tuning for optimum stability. SSB reception for a wider range of listening options and improved reception of weak signals. 

  • Station Name Tuning (with editable labels)
  • Synchronous Detection Circuitry to reduce fading and interference.
  • Backlit LCD display with contrast adjustment.
  • 10-key Direct Access(TM) tuning.
  • Universal Time Coordinator with world time scale.
  • Manual or Automatic Scan tuning with 50Hz step tuning.

As lightweight and compact as a pocket calculator, the ICF-SW1 OOS delivers performance and clarity worthy of radios twice its size. At less than 8 oz. (including batteries), and only slightly larger than an audio cassette tape it's 
ideal to slip into your briefcase or jacket pocket and carry it with you regardless of where in the world you go! For your convenience, it has a World Time Clock (to calculate the current time of any city in another time zone) and a 24-city name/time display. 

  • AM (LW/MW/SW) FM Stereo Reception.
  • PLL Quartz Frequency Digital Synthesized Tuning for accurate tuning.
  • Dual Conversion Super Heterodyne Tuner circuitry for high sensitivity.
  • 50 Station Memory presets.
  • Editable Station Labels
  • Auto Scan, manual and 10 key Direct Acce ss(TM) Tuning.
  •  Built-in Clock with sleep timer and dual standby function.
  •  1 KHZ step tuning.
  •  Dimensions (WHD): 4 3/8" x 15/16 " x 2 7/8 ".

Testing your own language skills? The ICF-SW40 lets you listen to a 14 band range of frequencies both at home and abroad. This user friendly receiver offers easy dial tuning with digital accuracy and 20 random presets to quickly tune into your favorite station. 

  • AM (LW/MW/SWL-II) FM stereo reception.
  • PLL Quartz Digital Synthesized Tuner for driftfree tuning.
  • 20 Station Memory Presets.
  • 1 KHZ Step Tuning with digital readout.
  • Built-in Clock with dual standby function.
  • Dimensions (WHD): 6 3/4 " x 4 114 " x 1 7/16".

Business travelers, exchange students, or anyone interested in world events can stay up -to-date with this sophisticated 12-band receiver. Its compact size and LCD display makes it ideal for travel or home use. And, its news/music tone switch offers maximum clarity whether you're listening to voice or music! 

  • 12-Band Receiver including FM Stereo, AM and SW Bands 1-10.
  • Dual Conversion Tuner Circuitry for high sensitivity.
  • 15 Station Memory Presets.
  • Digital Synthesized Tuning to simplify tuning into the desired station.
  • Auto Scan Tuning.
  • 1 KHZ step tuning for exact station.
  • Clock/Alarm.
Whether you're traveling around the world or across the continent, the ICF-SW10 brings news, weather, music or just plain talk home to you. This 12-band receiver offers a wide range of frequencies and analog tuning makes it easy to find your favorite stations. All this in a compact receiver no bigger than a paperback book.
  • 12-Band Receiver - FM stereo, MW, LW and SW bands 1-9.
  • Easy Analog Tuning with LED Indicator.
  • FM Stereo Headphone Jack for private listening in noisy environments.
  • DC-in Jack for optional AC adaptor to conserve battery life.
  • Compact size.
  • Dimensions (WHD): 6 1/2 " x 3 3/4 " x 1 5/16".

The new Sony ICF-SC1 PC scanner covers 25 to 1300 MHz (less cellular) in AM, FM-W and FM-N modes. It has a 300 channel memory plus everything you need to command and control the scanner from your Windows 95 computer. It has a bi-direction PC interface with search and control capabilities. 
A special RS-232 serial cable (DB9) is completely assembled and ready to plug into your PC and the scanner. A clam filter to minimize RFI is thoughtfully supplied. The sophisticated Windows 95 program on CD puts you in complete control of the scanner. All major control functions are supported included 
scanning options, direct tuning, skip function, unlimited memories, unlimited skip preference files and import/export capability. You can even search the nationwide frequency da base of 3 million records supplied on the included CD-ROM. A very cool radio! 

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