As for channel elements, you can either send them in to one of the many
companies that do them, or you can buy crystals directly and solder
them in yourself. Companies that will make crystals are:

JAN Crystals, 1-800-526-9825, $11.00 per crystal.

Bomar, 1-800-526-3935, $15.00 per crystal or $25 to re-crystal your channel
element for you.

UHF and VHF MITREX elements should be KXN1086 for receive and KXN1088 for
transmit. The crystal companies know the specs for the elements, all they
want to know from you is the transmit and receive frequencies.

For the MICOR, but not the MITREX, there is a company called Channel
Element HQ, 1-800-237-9654. They maintain a very large stock of used
channel elements. They will sell you one on your frequency for $25.00
or $20.00 with trade in. The only catch is: do they have your
frequency? Amateur frequencies are commercial some where else in the
world, so they probably do.  All you need to give them is the model
number of the element, the frequency and, for receivers, if its high or
low injection. The advantage of them is there is no waiting for

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